Avanti IM12IS Review 2018- Portable Countertop Ice Maker

We bought the Avanti IM12IS to take with us to our winter home in Mexico, and we are sooo glad we did!  This budget machine was only $152 at Amazon.com so we took a chance as we wanted to test it for potential clients who needed a quality, budget ice maker.  This unit has not disappointed.  Read the rest of our review below:

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Avanti IM12IS reviewThe Avanti IM12IS Ice Maker is a relatively new portable unit from Avanti, which is well known for it’s quality ice makers and wine cellars. There weren’t a lot of Avanti Avanti IM12IS reviews, so we decided to buy one for our own personal use in Mexico. We bought it on Amazon.com just before we moved to our winter home in Mexico. Besides wanting to test it out for ourselves, our primary reason for buying the new Avanti portable unit was the low price. We paid $152.20 for it.

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This Avanti ice machine is great for those on a budget, and those who don’t want to lug around a super heavy icemaker!

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  • Super low price, small size
  • Good quality and good ice making speed



  • We honestly haven’t found anything bad to say about this Avanti IM12IS….so far.

The price is really the main reason to buy the Avanti IM12IS ice maker. At $150, it is hard to beat. But cheap isn’t always a good thing, right? Well the good news, after a couple months of continuous use, we are glad to report, this unit is worth every penny. We’ve already paid back the price of the unit with the savings of not having to buy ice at the store, here in Mexico. We find this unit to be very attractive, and are happy to have it sitting proudly on our marble counter top, next to our microwave, as it’s compact size really doesn’t take up much room. It doesn’t make a lot of noise while producing ice, which is always a major question mark for any ice maker purchase.

This ice easily keeps up with our appetite for ice. It can get pretty hot here in Mexico, even in the winter months, so we tend to go through ALOT of ice, for our water, our smoothies, and of course, our copious number of vodka soda cocktails, and mango margaritas! This Avanti ice maker makes about 23 pounds of ice per day, which is just over two bags of ice. More than enough, even for us, or for party nights with many guests.

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We love the easy to used controls on the top of the unit, and also the LARGE water tank to feed into the ice maker.

So, if you need an ice maker, but don’t have alot of money, or don’t want to spend a lot of money, the Avanti IM12-IS is the perfect machine for you. In fact, we get a lot of clients that buy an ice maker for a one time party need, and this will be our new number one recommended portable ice maker for those clients.

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