{2018 Reviews} EdgeStar OIM450SS : Outdoor Undercounter Ice Maker

We’re well into summer now, and we are getting our usual demand for outdoor ice makers.  We just installed an EdgeStar OIM450SS  Ice Maker for a client which gave us our first hands on experience with this attractive stainless steel ice machine that can be installed under counter or used as a freestanding unit.  We were pleasantly surprised by this relative newcomer, both by it’s attractive finish, and it’s performance.  So, without further ado, here’s our Edgestar OIM450SS review!

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** Note:  Edgestar strongly suggests installing with an Aqua Pure In-Line Ice maker Ice and Water Filter for better performance and great tasting and looking ice.  You can get that here.

EdgeStar OIM450SS Reviews Check Price at Amazon.com

The OIM450SS is a new product from Edgestar, and one that filled a hole in their lineup of ice makers. This is their first foray into outdoor ice makers, and it’s a great start! While you can buy this machine direct from EdgeStar, we’d recommend you shop through Amazon for the $300 off their price, along with free shipping.

For the money, this is a heck of a nice looking outdoor ice maker. It’s perfect for your outdoor kitchen or grilling area, back yard patios and balconies for keeping you and your guests drinks super cold on a hot day or night.

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Edgestar OIM450SS Pros and Cons



  • 50 pounds of ice making power. Stainless steel will not rust from rain, dew, etc.
  • Very attractive design, as well as very flexible on installation options


  • It’s not a freezer so your ice will melt. This means you’ll have to pay attention and empty melting ice to make room for more fresh ice

We love that fact that the EdgeStar OIM450SS is so versatile. You can just slap it down on your patio and use as a freestanding unit. Or, if you have a nice outdoor kitchen setup, you can install it professionally under counter. You also have install flexibility with the reversible door that is standard. We recommend an under counter install just so the sun isn’t beating down on it all day, as the ice will melt that much faster. This outdoor ice machine can make up to 50 pounds of ice per day, which should meet your demands for most smaller parties and events. It will store up to 25 pounds at any given time. While the ice storage area is * insulated * it is NOT a freezer unit, so you better keep your guests topped up so the ice doesn’t melt on those hot days.


EdgeStar OIM450SS Ice bucketEdgeStar also considered the important little things in designing the OIM450SS. The unit comes with casters, making it easy to move the unit around a bit. Just remember you got hoses and cable attached to the unit so don’t go for a ride! Two of the casters are lockable to ensure your ice maker doesn’t try to run away on you. The other little thing they brought is the adjustable legs, which are great to minimize the space between the top of the unit and the counter for built in scenarios. The OIM450SS ice maker comes with a removable ice bucket making it easy to empty into a bin and then make more ice, and for washing the bucket. It also comes with a good sized ice scoop, and a gravity drain line.

Check Price at Amazon.com

Speaking of the gravity drain line, you’ll obviously want to situate the maker near something to rain the melted ice water into. Otherwise you’ll have to buy a pump to lift the water up to a sink drain, etc.

Bottom line? We LOVE this EdgeStar OIM450SS. It looks really sharp, matches up nicely with your stainless steel bbq, it’s easy to install, and the price is right. If you take a look at other outdoor ice makers of similar size, you’ll see the price can’t be beat.









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