NewAir AI-100R Portable Ice Maker Reviews 2018

The NewAir AI-100R red ice maker has got to be the best bang for the buck for a decent quality portable unit!  We own this, and use it every weekend, and we recommend it to anyone who needs a solid portable ice maker! . In this post you will get :-

NewAir AI-100R Reviews, Price, Pros and Cons, Technical Details etc.

The NewAir AI-100R is a new addition to it’s family of portable ice makers. NewAir is well known in the industry for providing great value for the money. While it pays to shop around for the best price, generally speaking you’ll likely get the best price on Amazon. You’ll also get free shipping most of the time.

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This is the perfect ice maker for those with smaller kitchens or home bars, boats, recreational vehicles and the like. It’s small size is perfect for these situations.

NewAir AI-100R Reviews 2018

NewAir AI-100R Portable Ice MakerNewAir AI-100R Review

NewAir AI-100R Features


NewAir AI-100R Technical Details

NewAir AI-100R technical details


NewAir AI-100R Pros and Cons



  • Fast Ice Making: 6 to 15 minutes per batch
  • If ice melts, it drains into the reservoir and is reused to make more ice!


  • Seems some are DOA. Not a problem if you order through Amazon. Just send it back free and get a new one.

All Specifications of NewAir AI-100R Portable Ice Maker

The NewAir AI-100R produces 28 pounds of ice per day, making it a good choice for those with average ice cube needs. Is it going to feed a l larger, drink hungry party? Definitely not. But for say, an average 4 to 6 person event, this unit will keep up. If you think about it, a standard bag of ice is 10 pounds in your convenience store. So this little guy is cranking out almost 3 bags of ice per day. More than enough for even a group of HEAVY drinkers! The AI-100R has 3 different ice size selections depending on your personal ice preference and application. We like big cubes in our Vodka Soda’s, but some like the smaller cubes. This is a great feature for a relatively inexpensive icemaker!

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There’s a handy dandy LED control panel that makes size selection super easy, even if you’ve had a few too many ice cold beverages already. This NewAir model makes a new batch of ice every 6 to 15 minutes, depending on environmental factors, so your next frosty bevvy is not far away.

We really like the handy drain on the side of the unit. It’s the small things that make us happy.

We have this model, and we can tell you that it is the go to ice maker on our power boat! It’s small enough to take down to the boat, but big enough to power our ice making boat party needs through the night (and into the morning). We’re the toast of the marina thanks to the NewAir portable ice maker!



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