NewAir AI-120S Honest Review 2018 by Experts

The Ice Experts have been, and remain, pretty positive about NewAir ice makers.   So after getting our hands on a NewAir AI-120S ice maker with ice dispenser, we were scratching our heads on what they were thinking.  An ice dispenser on a standalone home ice maker is a great idea, in concept.  Unfortunately, the engineers  and/or designers didn’t follow through on the practical side of things.  Here’s the lowdown, with our NewAir AI-120S review.  But first the stats:

NewAir AI-120S Specifications :

Dimensions: 10.90″ Length x 11.60″ Wide x 15.75″ High

Weight: 24 Pounds

Ice Style/size: Bullet ice, 2 sizes

Daily Ice Production:  Up to 28 pounds

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NewAir AI-120S Review :-

NewAir AI-120S ReviewThe NewAir AI-120S is a relatively new portable home ice maker and one of the first (THE first??) to have a built in ice dispenser. While it is still available from certain online distributors, it seems to have disappeared from Amazon, at least as of January 2, 2014.

On paper, the NewAir AI-120S is a great idea. An ice dispenser on the front makes getting ice in your glass quick AND easy. No cold, wet hands, just push your glass against the lever and BAM! you’re well on your way to that vodka/soda cocktail.

NewAir AI-120S Pros and Cons



  • Under $200
  • Makes 28 pounds of ice per day


  • Ice Dispenser is S-L-O-W. Painfully slow.
  • Did we mention the dispenser is slow?

NewAir AI-120SLike we said, on paper, the dispenser is a great idea. Unfortunately, NewAir didn’t follow through on the quick and easy part of ice dispensation. It takes a minute (feels like an hour) to dispense a single glass of ice. When you’ve got a hankering for Vodka, like now, this just won’t work for you. So, while NewAir is great at portable ice makers, the AI-120S fails to deliver on the dream of warm, dry hands, and quick, tasty cocktails. For the money you’re better off going with one of their other 28 pound ice makers, and using a scoop, just like the old days.


There is really not much more to say about the NewAir AI-120S. Sure, it makes ice as well as any other portable home ice maker, but you’re paying a little more for a handy dispenser that turns out to be not so handy. Save your money and get an AI-150SS or the NewAir AI-100R.

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