NewAir AI-150SS Portable Ice Maker Review 2018

We were happy to see NewAir come out with a budget ice maker, that still has all the same great features of their higher priced cousins.  The NewAir AI-150SS portable ice maker is a GREAT value, and at a daily ice making capability of 24 pounds (or 2.5 bags) per day, it is one we highly recommend to our clients on a budget.

NewAir AI-150SS Review

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NewAir is becoming well known for quality ice makers at a great price, and their latest, the NewAir AI-150SS, is no exception. We just bought one from for $160, and included free shipping, as is usually the case.

We actually bought this to test for a client, as they had some budgetary constraints, and the NewAir AI-100R, which is our usual go to portable cooler recommendation was $30 more. The AI-150SS is a great deal for a machine that only makes 4 pounds less than the AI-100R model.

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NewAir AI-150SS Review - Pros and Cons



  • Great low price!
  • Great feature set: fast ice, 24 pounds per day, easy to operate.


  • Slightly smaller daily ice making ability than other NewAir units

All about NewAir AI-150SS Portable Ice Maker

When we fired this little stainless steel up, we were amazed by how fast it made it’s first batch of ice. We also liked how quiet it is. NewAir really gets it right, with all their portable ice makers, with respect to speed. For only $160 you get 24 pounds of ice per day. If you go through ice like we do on our sailboat, you can do the math on how quickly you can save money buying ice. What the heck we’ll do the math for you! We pay $2.50 a bag at our marina. You would have to make 64 bags of ice to pay for that ice maker. We easily go through two bags a day when were at the marina having beverages with guests. So for us, the ice maker pays for itself after only 16 weekends of use! A no brainer! From our initial use, we love the ease of use of the NewAir AI-150SS ice maker’s button controls, and it’s LED display. It just makes it a snap to use, with no need to waste valuable drinking time reading a manual.

NewAir AI-150SS Review

The NewAir AI-150SS indicator lights tell you when you need to refill the water reservoir, so a quick glance is all you need to get off your butt and fill it up again, to keep that ice cold ice coming. And just like higher price units, this one has an auto shut off function, so when the ice bin is full, or when the water reservoir is empty, the unit shuts down, so you’re not wasting any electricity. Especially handy if you pay for electricity or you are using a generator to power it.

We really like the value proposition of the NewAir AI-150SS. It looks good, makes 24 pounds of ice, it’s easy to use, and it makes ice fast. All for a very low price of $160! You can’t beat that!

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