Orien FS-55IM 44-Pound Built-In Undercounter Ice Maker Review 2018

The Orien FS-55IM built in ice maker is a popular choice for homeowners who demand plentiful clear ice. The Ice Experts got a chance to to install one for a client recently. So without further ado, Here’s our review of the Orien FS-55IM under counter ice maker.
Orien FS-55IM Review

The Orien FS-55IM is simple, easy to use built in ice maker that is well respected by the industry and consumers alike. You can find it at any quality consumer appliances retail or online store. We prefer buying directly from Amazon where we got free shipping. That’s a big savings considering the size and weight of the ice maker!

The Orien FS-55IM is PERFECT for larger families who use a lot ice throughout the day. Many of our clients have fridges with ice makers and they find their fridge just can’t keep up with their families ice demands. When this happens we at the Ice Experts always recommend a durable reliable built in ice maker, and the Orien FS-55IM is at the top of list of recommendations.

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The FS-55IM puts out up to 44 pounds of quality, clear ice cubes, which meets the needs of most families, and even some small commercial settings. It’s the equivalent of about 4 bags of ice from a store. We like a quality built in ice maker as it can be mounted under counter and hooked up to a drain, providing out of sight, out of mind ice production. We recommend, if possible, that you have the unit drain water to a nearby floor drain for ease of installation and efficiency. If you don’t have a floor drain nearby, they you could also install a pump to pump the drain water up hill to a nearby sink drain. But that goes away from our keep it simple stupid motto.

The Orien FS-55IM is energy star certified, so it’s not going to jack up your electricity bill too much. The unit comes with a reversible door to fit most under counter installation scenarios, or it can also be used as a free standing ice maker too. While it makes up to 44 pounds of ice per day, the bin has capacity of 25 pounds. This is a good thing, as you keep the ice fresher as you use it through the day. We, as well as the manufacturer, recommend you use an inline water filter to feed the ice make, to keep the unit running efficiently, and to ensure crystal clear ice cubes.

Like most ice makers, you should break up the ice and even it out every once in a while to ensure the unit keeps making ice. Otherwise, you’ll find it will stack up in one spot and stop making ice too soon.

For high ice demand homes, and smaller commercial users, we find the Orien FS-55IM provides the right mix of good ice production and reasonable pricing. Overall, it’s a nice looking, efficient, and durable ice maker and gets 5 star rating by The Ice Experts.

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