Orien FS-65IM 65 lb Built-In Clear Ice Maker Review 2018

While we focus on residential ice maker consults, we have been doing a lot of work with commercial applications.  Most recently we installed an Orien FS-65IM ice maker for a small smoothie bar who use a fair bit of ice each day.  We’ve had good success with Orien ice makers in the past, so we didn’t hesitate to recommend this fast 65 pound ice maker for a standalone install for a small business.  Previously we’ve reviewed the Orien FS-55IM, now we’re happy to review and recommend the larger FS-65IM for commercial applications.  Here’s our review:

Orien FS-65IM Review

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Orien FS-65IM 65 lb Built-In Clear Ice Maker

The Orien FS-65IM has been around for over three years now, and has a solid track record of reliability built up over that time. Prices vary greatly online for this unit, but we always go for the best price AND free shipping from Amazon. You’ll need an Amazon Prime account to get the free shipping. The savings from free shipping on this item will more than cover the annual $79 fee of a Prime account.

This is a great ice maker for smaller commercial establishments. We did this install for a smallish independent smoothie maker who had moderate ice needs. While it is a commercial unit, we would also recommend this unit for high ice demand residential situations as well.

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Orien FS-65IM Pros and Cons Chart



  • 65 pounds a day of ice making capability at a pretty great price
  • Pretty quiet operation relative to other larger ice makers


  • Definitely not the unit for high traffic commercial applications

This unit makes up to 65 pounds of beautifully clear bullet ice cubes per day. That works out to over six 10 pound bags of ice. That’s a lot of rum and cokes. Or a whack of smoothies. That’s 2.7 pounds per hour. Of course it does sense when the 25 pound storage bin is full of ice and shut down the ice making process. The Orien FS-65IM is a gravity drain unit so you’ll need to have a drain below the unit and nearby for this install. If you don’t have a nearby drain you can install a pump to drain it some where higher than the unit’s drain. Not a big hassle at all.

Orien FS-65IM Ice Maker

We installed an inline filter for our client, and we do recommend you do the same (with any brand for that matter). It will keep your ice cubes looking the clearest, and help keep your ice maker running optimally and reliably. The FS-65IM does come with adjustable castors so you can level and also raise or lower the unit for a built in scenario. We think it looks sweet as a freestanding unit personally.

For the energy conscious users out there, this unit uses 6.7 Amps when making ice. It weighs in at 91 pounds empty. The dimensions are width 16.5” x Depth 21.3” x Height 32.5”. Those dimensions make it perfect for the smaller bar or restaurant with limited kitchen / bar space, and even perfect for a home bar.

We really like the full line of Orien ice makers, but the FS-65IM is perfectly suited for the above applications. Given it’s price point, it’s great performance and attractive, functional looks, it is a perfect choice for home or commercial use.

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