Oster OSIM22SV 27-Pound Portable Ice Maker Review 2018 by Experts

We were pleasantly surprised by the Oster OSIM22SV portable ice maker. We had low expectations given Oster’s conglomerate, make everything under the sun situation. But as you’ll see in our Oster OSIM22SV review, they got things right on this little gem. If we didn’t already have our NewAir AI-100R on our boat, this would be the one for us!

Oster OSIM22SV 27 review

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Oster makes a lot of small kitchen appliances, and the Oster OSIM22SV Ice Maker is one of their better efforts. While you can shop around at places like Home Depot and Sears, etc., this Oster icemaker is available on Amazon, and at the time of this post, it’s actually on sale for 20% off!

If you’re a camper or rv’er who likes to camp in style, the Oster OSIM22SV is perfect for you. Weighing in at only 20 pounds, it’s small and light enough to take with you anywhere. It’s also perfect for boaters, like us. We already own the NewAir AI-100R, but if we ever drop it over the side of the boat, we’d likely get this one, and save $30.

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Oster OSIM22SV 27 Pros and Cons Table



  • Good ice output of 9 ice cubes every 7 minutes and 27 pounds per 24 hours
  • It’s very easy to fill with water.


  • The ice cubes are somewhat small, even on the “large” setting
  • The drain spout is in a somewhat awkward place to reach, on the bottom.

The Oster OSIM22SV while named as a 22 pound ice maker, it actually makes 27 pounds of ice per day, and store 1.8 pounds of ice at any given time. When the tray gets full, the unit’s display screen tells you it’s time to get busy making some more drinks!


This Oster ice maker makes a cycle of ice in just 7 minutes, with a total of 9 ice cubes per cycle. We like the look and feel of this unit a lot. It feels sturdy, and has a nice looking silver finish and a handy dandy see through window on top. Great for checking progress on your next drink’s ice.

Like other portable ice makers, the Oster OSIM22SV allows you to select from 3 preset ice cube sizes, small, medium, and large. Now, don’t get too excited ladies and gentlemen, the large ice cubes aren’t that large! More like medium.

As we said earlier, we like this product because of it’s small footprint, it’s low weight, good looks, quiet operation, and it’s decent ice making output. Given all of that, PLUS it’s low price, we highly recommend the Oster OSIM22SV.

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