Scotsman Prodigy CU2026SA-1A Reviewed by the Experts

You know how much we love Scotsman ice makers as you can see from our last glowing review of their nugget ice maker.   Now we got our hands on the Scotsman Prodigy (Model Number CU2026SA-1A) last month and we are happy to report this model lives up to same build quality reputation of the rest of their ice machine line-up.  This machine is PERFECT for restaurants, bars, motels, and other service oriented businesses.  Here’s our review of the CU2026SA-1A model:

Scotsman Prodigy CU2026 Specs:

24 Hour Production: 150 – 200 pounds

Dimensions: 26″ Wide x 27.4″ Deep x 33″ High

Shipping Weight: 175 pounds

Energy Use: 9.7 – 11.5 kwh per 100 pounds of ice


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Scotsman Prodigy CU2026SA-1A ReviewThe Scotsman CU2026 is one of the most popular and best selling commercial undercounter ice makers on Amazon. And has been for many years. When an item is a best seller on Amazon, you know it’s got to be a quality product with great reliability. If it’s not reliable, and gets a lot of returns, Amazon would knock that out of their best sellers list. We got our clients unit from Amazon, thanks to the lowest price on the internet, in addition to the free shipping from the vendor. Can’t beat that!

The Cu2026 ice maker was made for the small food and beverage business market. It is the perfect balance of production capacity, reliability, and value that makes it perfect for bars, restaurants, motels and small hotels. You can’t go wrong with a Scotsman, and if you need up to 200 pounds of ice per day, this is the model for your business.

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Scotsman Prodigy CU2026SA-1A Pros and Cons



  • Very energy and water efficient
  • Easy to install anywhere you need ice


  • Hefty price, but it’s reliability and long life make it a great value.

The CU2026 Prodigy is all about ease of use, and ease of installation. With it’s front ice access, easy service access, and flexible installation options, it is perfect most configurations. It can be built in under a counter, or freestanding and it still looks great. Business owners will love the energy AND water efficiency of this commercial Scotsman ice cube maker. At just over 10 kWh per 100 pounds of ice production, this model uses significantly less electricity than other commercial ice maker brands. It is also much more water efficient, requiring only 18 gallons of water to make 100 pounds of ice. You number crunchers will love this efficient ice maker!


The agion cubers ensures you (and your customers) are protected from mold, mildew, bacteria, and microbes. We love the Adaptive Purge control, which does a great job in reducing scale buildup, giving you longer uptime between cleanings.

The Scotsman auto alert LED lights give you instant feedback on when it’s time to descale, sanitize, and take care of other maintenance needs of the unit.

Well folks, that’s all we’ve got to say on the Scotsman CU2026 Prodigy series ice maker. With it’s great efficiency, reliability and excellent ice production capacity, this is the gold standard for smaller commercial ice making needs. If you own a restaurant/bar, smoothie shop, motel or small hotel, this is the ice maker you NEED.

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