Scotsman SCN60PA Nugget Ice Machine Review 2018

We love helping our ice addicted clients, and the Scotsman Brilliance Nugget ice machine, with it’s tasty, soft, chew able “Sonic Ice”,    is fast becoming our most requested ice maker.  Sure, it’s not inexpensive, but if you want the best ice, you’ve got to pay for it!  We just installed, and tested this nugget ice workhorse and here’s our Scotsman SCN60PA review:

For those nugget ice fanatics on a budget, be sure to check out our new Ice-O-Matic GEMU090 review.  This is a very good unit, and comes in at about $650 less than the Scotsman SCN60PA.

Scotsman SCN60PA Review

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About Scotsman SCN60PA Nugget Ice Machine

The Scotsman Brilliance SCN60 Nugget ice machine has only been around just over 2 years. But it’s become synonymous with amazing chewable ice, you know, the Sonic ice, type of chewable. It’s readily available through Scotsman retailers, but we found the best price for our client through Amazon. And with Amazon you get free shipping!

The Scotsman SCN60 is definitely not for the budget minded consumer. Priced at over $3,000 it is definitely safe to consider this ice maker a “luxury” item of convenience and quality. As we’ve noted in the past, there is a sizable population that LOVES to chew ice, and are willing to pay a premium for the best chewable ice around. If you don’t want to head to Sonic every day for your ice fix, then the Brilliance Nugget ice machine is for you!

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Scotsman SCN60PA Ice Maker Pros and Cons



  • Maker of the best soft chewable ice nuggets on the market
  • Easy to install, with attractive stainless finish. Comes with a drain pump for install flexibility


  • $3,000 price tag

The primary benefit to the Scotsman Nugget ice machines is the fact that it makes the BEST chewing ice of all residential ice makers on the market today. There is just nothing comparable to this machine. It makes up to 80 pounds for ice per day and stores a up to 26 pounds, or 2 and a half bags of delectable ice for you to chew on at your will. Why is nugget ice the king of chewable ice? The nuggets are made by compacting bits of ice, into nuggets, that are soft and chewable, and best of all, they are designed to absorb the flavor of whatever beverage you add toe them. Think rum and coke flavored ice….mmmmm. This is an attractive stainless steel ice machine and ice storage unit that is designed to be under counter installed. Scotsman Ice is well known for making quality, long lasting, energy efficient ice makers and other appliances.

Scotsman SCN60PA Review

We liked the lighting in the ice bin, for easy viewing and retrieving ice at night, or when you’re too drunk to see well. We also like the self closing door, so we never have to worry about being disappointed by melted ice mess from a door left ajar by accident. The Scotsman SCN60PA is a no brainer to use, with it’s easy to read control panel that tells you the power is on, alerts you when there is no water, and even tells you when to clean the unit.

While great for inside the home use, this nugget ice machine from Scotsman is also designed to be used outdoors, making it perfect for patio bar use, or even on a large boat or mega yacht. And at $3,000 that’s the kind of consumer that can afford this king of nugget ice making.

If you’ve the budget, and the chewable nugget ice addiction, in our opinion the Scotsman SCN60PA is the only choice for you. Our clients swear by them, and we are now saving up for our very own nugget ice maker!

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