Waring Pro IC70 Review 2018 – Ice Crusher

We talk so much about portable and commercial ice makers, we thought we should talk about ice crushers, as they are becoming rather popular in the residential market.  We recently ordered one (Waring Pro IC70 Ice Crusher) for a new customer and had a chance to play with it after installation in a kitchen remodel project.   What we didn’t know until this customer told us, was the fact that there a lot of people out there that LOVE to chew on ice, and some even have a compulsive ice chewing habit.  These people chew on ice all day long! Ice crushers can be manual or electric.  Obviously electric is easier and faster, but also, they can make better crushed ice.  Our research into these machines determined that Waring makes great products.  So here is our Waring Pro IC70 Review.

Waring Pro IC70 Ice Crusher Reviews

Waring Pro IC70 Review

The Waring IC70 has been around a few years and has been a great seller for Waring. The sentiment is almost unanimously positive. We’ve been happy with the performance, reliability, and durability of our Waring blender, so we are not surprised by the great quality of the IC70 ice crusher.

We found the best price for this model was on Amazon.com.

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The IC70 makes a nice quality random ice chunks and flakes, making it great for those who love chewing on ice all the time, and also great for people who like small ice chunks in their sodas like the fast food restaurants provide.

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  • Powerful motor crushes ice quickly
  • Crushes Up to 50 pounds per hour and rarely jams


  • Doesn’t make “soft serve” ice
  • Blades can and do wear out with excessive use

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Waring Pro IC70 Ice Crusher Features

Waring’s IC70 ice crusher’s motor is a powerful 150 watts of ice crushing performance, which along with it’s heavy stainless blades, creates perfect crushed ice. It puts other electric models to shame, and makes manual crushers look like ancient tools from the stone age (if they had ice back then). While our Waring IC70 review is based on a residential ice crushing need, we believe this could also be suited as a smaller commercial ice crusher for small restaurants or bars. It’s specs say it can crush up to 50 pounds of ice per hour. While we didn’t test this claim, based on how fast it crushed our ice, we think this is certainly doable.

Waring Pro IC70 Ice Crusher

Did we mention you can get the IC70 for half it’s normal price on Amazon? Well now you know. As we touched on above, this Waring ice crusher makes a more chunky crushed ice with random sizes from pea size to quarter size random shapes. It DOES NOT make the shaved ice for snow cones. So if that’s your thing, then avoid this crusher.

Check Price at Amazon.com

The Pro IC70 is super easy to use, with just a simple on/off toggle switch situated on the front of the unit. It also has a pretty small footprint, making it easy to leave on the counter, as it doesn’t take up a lot space.

As you can tell by the tone of our review, we LOVE this Waring ice crusher. We liked it so much, we actually just got around to ordering one for our own use. We like smaller chunky ice in water and in some adult beverages and this unit is perfect for that. And, if your in the market for an ice crusher, this quality unit can’t be beat.


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